Eurotessile has, since 1983, been synonymous with elegance, technical skill and research, when the production of cotton yarns and clothing fabrics for men and women. Each and every creation has always been characterized by high quality and complete customization, to meet the increasingly specific needs of a rapidly evolving market.

Made in Italy production

The Latest-generation spinning and weaving plants work in communication with the design department to provide everyone with their ideal product: experience and creativity allow us to combine high resistance and imagination in the same yarn, guaranteeing efficiency and speed of delivery.

Excellent raw materials, special finishings and constant attention to customer needs make Eurotessile an added-value partner for the most ambitious and dynamic companies in the sector. The care and attention of the craftsmen and the strength of industry, at the service of fashion.

Our production
Destro Fabrics Destro collections are a concentrate of research and attention to details. Authenticity of the past and innovative ideas are the identity of this brand. Italian fabrics developed with high quality yarns and finishes. More information
Quality, the environment, safety and social responsibility are our values
Long-lasting fabrics and garments can only be obtained using high quality materials, avoiding waste and pollution