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Spinning The spinning laboratory supervises the entire production of Eurotessile yarns, checking the different processing stages and the finishing quality of products, guaranteeing compliance with all predetermined standards. Optimal elasticity, resistance and regularity, guaranteed by constant attention and the latest technology.
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Carded and combed ring cotton yarns
Ring corespun cotton yarns with elastomers
Ring corespun and flamed cotton yarns
Flamed and multicount ring cotton yarns
Super-stretch cotton yarns
Customized and on-request yarns
Specialized technicians take care of the production of high quality cotton yarns, starting from raw cotton bales that are cleaned and beaten, followed by processing in carding machines and drawing frames. Quality control is carried out to detect any impurities once a self-adjusted ribbon that is as free as possible from neps has been obtained.
A dedicated production line takes care of the combing of the cotton ribbon by means of the passage through stretch-collectors, with the creation of linings and their automatic feeding. The obtained ribbons are processed in the appropriate drawing frames and then taken to the spindle benches, transformed into wicks with established fineness and twisting, prepared for the final spinning phase.
Ring spinning
The wick is stretched and twisted by the spinning machine to obtain the yarn in the desired count, with the most varied types of flamed and multicount/multitwist yarns. Each spinning machine is equipped with a corespun system that allows to insert a core of elastomer, T400, Xla or other components.
Each spinning machine is connected to a spooler, which allows to obtain the packaging of the yarn in reels of varying diameter and softness depending on the type of yarn. The product is checked by clearers that eliminate possible defects and impurities.
Steaming and
To obtain greater regularity, the yarn is steamed, thus becoming more stable and more easy to process during subsequent uses. Last but not least, the product is packaged and labelled by means of an automatic packaging line, ready for shipment to the customer.