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A synergistic vision

The process Eurotessile takes care of the entire creative and manufacturing process of cotton yarns and fabrics for clothing. A dedicated division deals with the design of new products, with particular attention to the resistance and specific requests of customers, while a constantly updated technical sector equipped with cutting-edge machinery takes care of the actual production (in a pole of 5,000 square meters).
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Eurotessile offers a synergistic approach and a broad range of intervention that helps customers solve concrete technical and stylistic problems. In each phase, direct advice and continuous dialogue is guaranteed from creation to supply, so as to satisfy even the most specific needs, thanks to innovative tailor-made solutions. We transform ideas into new styles, ready to be worn.

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Par excellence

Attention to product quality and process sustainability are two of Eurotessile's strong points. We select raw materials with the utmost care and attention, following technical, environmental and ethical criteria. We provide direct modernization of plants, making them ever more green thanks to the use of renewable energy and much more. Each and every phase is subject to internal and external controls, so as to ensure excellent results.

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